We’ve done the creative campaign, now is your event experience good enough?

By The Earnie Team

We live in a world where live events are struggling to compete with our increasingly busy lives, well produced highlight packages and readily accessible streaming. Add in casual fans choosing sporting events as entertainment options, broader audiences are less likely to buy early based on their sporting fanaticism.

Then factor in travel issues, the cost, the weather (for some events), the practical organisation of family and friends, the standard of the team, not to mention the absence of big names in early marketing material. With more and more events and competitions popping up, it’s a tough sell.

For every big event, broadcast will capture every camera angle, every piece of analysis, every social media reaction and every moment in high definition. So how can being there in person be better? Well Earnie is working with a range of collaborators to help solve this problem.

Firstly you need to build an emotional connection to the sport and the talent involved. It needs to be about more than the result, which means using pre-event content to bring fans closer to the live event. Effectively put them at the heart of the live experience before they buy their tickets.

Secondly make sure that your event knocks the fan experience out of the park. The work that experts like Matt Lynch are doing at Venue Inc are crucial to drive commercial return. An investment up front will generate long term loyalty many times over, not to mention create an army of ambassadors.

Next get your sponsors to turn negatives into positives. Event goers know there will be queues for drinks, the obligatory wait to get out of the stadium, the crowded trains home etc. But why not direct your sponsorship activation to address these issues rather than just hand out some easily discarded swag.

Ensure your competition has the right funding and offers something truly different. The work that The Sports Consultancy is doing around economic impact with major events shows that if you can get partners to support your entertainment vision, you’re half way there.

Of course we’re going to mention discernible return so when pulling together your planning, make sure you measure, refine and optimise everything you’re doing. Test and track your marketing activity and ensure you speak to different ticket buyers in different ways.

Lastly surpise and delight. When it comes to live events, the charm is in the unknown so don’t make the experience predictable and the same as before. If you can find ways to deliver amazing moments of unique charm, then fans will buy earlier and bring others with them.