Why we don’t want to pitch for your business

By The Earnie Team

Since the start of the year Earnie has won four new clients in the sport and sponsor space. Great for us. But what’s better for us, is that all of these have been without needing to pitch. Here we’ll explain why we think this is also a better way for clients.

We think that the traditional ‘agency shoot out’ is an outdated way to really solve complex marketing challenges. When we speak to clients about issues that they’re facing right now, we find that a long procurement process is increasingly unable to meet their constantly changing challenges.

The rules have changed. Clients need to see more than shiny creds, warm words and sharp suits. They don’t want an agency, they need a partner. What’s more, most will want different agencies for different projects, who are able to work collaboratively.

From our side pitches are a big expense and often what is ultimately presented in the pitch is very different to what is actually needs to be delivered. Clients also know that pitching is a misrepresentation of an agency’s true skills. Questions like ‘will they think about us when we don’t ask them to?’ and ‘who will truly be on the end of the phone’ require real scenarios. In the glossy world of pitches, we find that potential ideas are discarded based on unknown internal agendas. Despite efforts to immerse ourselves in pitch research, nothing beats being judged on actual business success.