Strategy / Brand Identity / Animation / Web Build

Bringing Augmented Reality to the UK sports market

Augmeant were looking to bring Candy Lab’s advanced augmented reality technology to the UK market. As partner for the launch Earnie were responsible for creating the name, a brand identity that centred around the advanced nature of the Augmeant’s technology and a website that allowed Augmeant to communicate its message in an engaging way. Have a look at the website here.

Creative for Augmeant with an astronaut, planet earth, Saturnm the Moon, a spaceshuttle, a satellite floating around in outer space. Earnie creative design

As part of the launch we looked at how we could best tell Augmeant’s story in a way that communicated the advanced nature of the technology whilst not getting to bogged down in tech jargon – conveying the key opportunities the product provides to businesses. We found that an illustrated animation was the best way to achieve this covering all the key messages central to the product whilst also providing an engaging user experience.

Another key aspect of the launch was to create a user-centred website. The creative for the website centred around the advanced nature of the Augmeant tech, focusing on space age technology whilst showing the key USPs and conveying the business case of using Augmeant’s engine to power brands’ marketing. We decided keep it down to a simple landing page whilst Augmeant develops its presence in the UK market. Due to the nature of the product we decided to incorporate a mask feature on the user’s cursor which allows them to “augment” the black banner, finding new imagery such as planets and spacemen floating around.