Cricket West Indies – Branding and Tour Campaigns

Strategy / Creative / Animation / Guidelines & Toolkit

We were appointed in 2018 by Cricket West Indies to drive ticket sales and support for the West Indies team. Our work began with an in-depth review of fan research to identify how to re-create and foster a strong connection between Cricket West Indies and the historically vocal local cricket fans.

Our brand proposition placed focus on the unifying quality of cricket in this part of the world. When news coverage often focuses on the players or the results or the board, our proposition put this aside to say ‘It’s Our Game’. Bringing the people of the West Indies together in support of the national team is the primary objective, and we developed ‘It’s Our Game’ to use as a mainstay brand proposition in all forthcoming work.

Windies Header

The first opportunity to use ‘It’s Our Game’ was for a ticket sales campaign for the Bangladesh and Sri Lanka tours of the West Indies. Utilising the West Indies brand book, we developed a campaign full of colour and emotion, leaning on traditional Windies colours of maroon and yellow while showing the passion for cricket through emotive imagery. Fans and players were included on creative to highlight the connection between them.

Following the success of our Bangladesh and Sri Lanka series campaign, we evolved the creative of the campaign for the forthcoming England tour of the West Indies. Undoubtedly the biggest touring nation from a West Indian perspective, the England tour represents a huge opportunity to continue the campaign for improved connection with fans. Developing the creative from the 2 earlier tours, we introduced new imagery, a new colour scheme for England and headline based on a local colloquialism, ‘WI Ready’. With an extensive media schedule (digital, radio and out of home), we delivered island specific creative, utilising local players and promoting the local games.

A 35″ promo video for the tour was also produced, using dynamic footage from previous England tours and bringing our creative style to life through animation. A West Indian style soundtrack accompanied the video, highlighting the close relationship between the West Indies, Cricket and Music.