ECB – NatWest T20 Blast

Strategy / Brand Identity / Creative / Animation


The T20 Blast will feature new mid-week games as well as the traditional weekend matches in a new schedule for 2017. This means that 2017 will move away from the ECB’s and our 2016 campaign messaging of “Your weekend starts here” and the creative that was based around the party atmosphere of previous years. The new campaign looks to emphasise the summer atmosphere of Blast and appeal to diverse audiences across different channels. From cinema advertisements and in-stadia, to county specific social content and insight led digital creative (frequently optimised to hit KPIs) – our creative can be seen nationally throughout the summer months.

ECB T20 central creative. Earnie creative design

Our Approach

Our new creative centred around a summertime theme with circles reflecting the sun while the colour flexibility allowed by the creative ensured that counties were able to use their own primary colours and, if desired, utilise elements of their own brands within the creative. We put together guidelines showing how to use the creative elements in order to create bespoke county assets. The counties bought in to this concept, producing a number of impressive assets including full animations of the creative ahead of the 2017 fixture launch in November 2016.