NFL – Only in the NFL

Strategy / Brand Identity / Creative

Re-positioning the NFL in the UK

The Only in the NFL brand identity was created to be flexible across all channels with a focus on younger experiential audiences (who love the authentic experience of the NFL) and committed, knowledgeable fans.

Sponsorship strategy utilised this to stand-out in the over-saturated marketplace, positioning the NFL as a “best-in-class” unique opportunity in both the sport and entertainment space. Also used as a through-line for the season-long partner story.

Image from the NFL guidelines where two players are contesting for the ball on a blue background with the NFL. Earnie creative design

The Results

Within three months:

Fans engaged to create user generated content via social – followers increased to 85,000

#OnlyInTheNFL Twitter mentions: 20,012

Total #OnlyInTheNFL interactions: 24,086

Total social impressions: 19,242,745