Unicorn Darts Mythos & Classics Range

Creative / Product Design / Animation

Unicorn came to Earnie looking for a fresh perspective on flight design from outside the industry itself. We created a new range of darts “Mythos”, which leveraged the master brand’s emphasis on mythical creatures, and provided a theme for all product and advertising designs. As part of an ongoing relationship we developed a look and feel for their classics range, along with a suite of assets for the campaign.

The development of the classics flights took inspiration from the original designs from the 1937 range whilst adding a modern twist. The original logo was incorporated into the design as a nod to the past. As part of the project we created three flights – Silver Comet, Origins and Icon.

For the Mythos range we developed 3 designs Hydra, Griffin & Minotaur in a variety of colour variants, with the designs drawing heavily on the features of the mythical creatures.