Earnie Wins Augmented Reality Brief

By The Earnie Team

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Earnie has been selected by Augmented Reality (AR) company Augmeant to lead its UK launch in the sports sector.

Augmeant has stated its intention to change the way sports and rights holders use AR through an exclusive partnership agreement with Earnie, who will be providing consultancy services as well as creating both the brand and website of the UK offer.

Due to its license with Candy Lab, a west coast AR tech company, Augmeant will offer tailor-made content, distance mapping, real-time updates without resubmitting to the App Store and the ability to work indoors and outdoors. In the US, Candy Lab was set up with staff from Google and Apple and has worked with UTEP Athletics, T-Mobile and festival SXSW.

Augmeant Founder, Adam Kulick said: “Augmeant aims to change the way companies use Augmented Reality by employing advanced features that make the tech more intuitive, entertaining and educational for the consumer and the publisher alike. Earnie is a great partner for us as they bring a fresh energy and perspective to today’s client challenges. They are as passionate as we are about creating new, response-led marketing solutions.”

Alistair Gammell, Managing Director of Earnie said: “When we started conversations with Adam and his team we quickly understood their drive to create bespoke, accessible AR platforms for the UK sports market. They have some truly ground-breaking functionality and we are thrilled to have been chosen as their exclusive UK partner.”

Following an industry review by the London based leadership team, Augmeant will focus initially on the sport and entertainment sectors